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I think I would give a limb to be able to visit Guam.


I know military who have lived there, and they loved it.


It is going to get a little crowded with the closing of the bases in the Phillipines, they are developing Tianin and

Guam to house overseas military now.


I would love to be in the Hawaiian Shirt industry to see what the Asian makers are offering.


In Redlands WA, there is a group feeding the poor and/or elderly with a Luau theme.


They even sing.


I am not really clear on who does what here in this vague article, but it sounds like people caring about people.


And they all dress up in Hawaiian shirts and sundresses, etc.




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hawaiian shirts

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"Hello John, I like them fine. I've only worn the new ones around town, and to my sisters' for Easter. I did wear the first one I bought to Kemah last summer when the I took my wife, daughter and niece to the boardwalk there. Thanks for asking."
- Mark

"Got the shirts, they are beautiful! Thanks very much. Sincerely,
Claudio Ballard, Chairman
Iconic Motors LLC
- Claudio Ballard

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